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About Us

Kids Korowai is a family owned and operated business founded on Waitangi Day early February 2019. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Kids Korowai is an online gift store that specialises in Kids size feathered cloaks most commonly referred to as Korowai. The correct term for the style of Korowai is Kākahu.

Kid Korowai’s vision is to empower and inspire kids to stand in their own Mana (inner strength/power). They believe that wearing a Korowai on their special day, which has been gifted by family, friends and loved ones, is the physical representation of love and support. By placing this cloak on your child you are wrapping, and enveloping them with that love and support that every child needs. You are all now one in this family heirloom. Firm believers that children stand tall and proud when they are wearing their Korowai. Empowering children to feel invincible, like that of wearing a superhero cape, encouraging and inspiring them to do anything and achieve their maximum out of life. At that moment, nothing else matters. It is their time to shine! 

Kids Korowai are so passionate about sharing positive cultural experiences so that all children get to create joyful memories and will feel empowered and inspired to grow into the best versions of themselves.

Kid Korowai love to create their own authentic, indigenous and native gifts but also stock other amazing Maori and Pacific brands that they feel have the same values as Kids Korowai. 

Kids Korowai have been noticed and featured in some really prestigious magazines such as Vogue. It is apparent that Hiria's passion and determination for the empowerment of children is strong and a core focus of the brand. Not just improving and giving strength to children local to Kids Korowai but also every child globally. The vision is not limited to an area but that every child across the world should be taught that they also can stand in their own Mana regardless of ethnic background or creed. 

Hiria believes that starting life the right way with good ethics and values will ultimately improve one's destination positively. Children subsequently will be enriched with culture but also understanding cultural differences and learning which path they want to walk invoking individualism and choice. This choice dramatically increases a Child's opportunity in life.