We are currently in Alert Level 4 in Auckland, NZ. We are unable to ship orders until further notice. Thank you for your continued support and patience.

Covid-19 Shipping Updates

New Zealand is currently in alert level 4 restrictions. As an Auckland based business we will be affected by any regional updates concerning the Auckland region. We are unable to ship any orders at alert level 4 unless they are considered essential as per this site.

What products are affected?


Categories of non-food consumer products that are essential include:

  • necessary clothing, footwear and bedding
  • urgently required white ware and appliances: such as fridges, heaters, washing machines and dryers, vacuum cleaners, fans and dehumidifiers
  • urgently required cooking, cleaning and laundry equipment
  • medicinal and hygiene products: such as medication, PPE, first aid products, soaps, shampoos, moisturisers and hand sanitisers
  • urgently required items for transport maintenance: such as bike and automotive parts and repair kits
  • materials for urgent home repair
  • urgently required communication devices: such as mobile phones, computer equipment, modems and internet equipment, televisions and radios
  • urgently required educational materials and books
  • urgently required home office equipment.

We are currently unable to ship all products and orders until we are at alert level 3;

We are still able to take all website orders, but unable to ship until given further updates from the Government.

(updated 18/08/21)